NPR For The Deaf: We Hear It Even When You Can’t

We are SO psyched about today’s Fresh Air. It’s one of our very favorite interviews in the entire recorded history of Q&A: Ray Manzarek, keyboard player for the Doors and producer of X. If you don’t already own it, get thee a copy of X’s More Fun In The New World directly. The time to hesitate is thru. No time to wallow in the mire. Sorry. So just to set up this Ray interview, he sits at the piano, tinkling out memories of the Dionysian/Apollonian dialectic thru the prism of peace, pot and microdot. And at least four or five […]

Ask Mother Phawker: Man Bites Dog In Roxborough

We are not your mother. Your mother is at home, watching “Deal or No Deal.” Sure, you could call and ask her, but that will just turn into a whole ‘thing’ — what with the shouting and the running and the exploding and the crying. Besides, your mom needs a break. Why do you think they sent you to college in the first place? And really, haven’t you asked her enough stupid questions over the years? Instead, direct all I-need-a-hug, it-hurts-when-I-pee and other how-to-deal inquiries to She loves you no matter what. Dear Mother Phawker, I’m having a problem […]

Almost Famous: The Metro Declares Phawker Celeb Of The Week

This was news to us, but apparently this is a regular feature, wherein some local philebrity cracks wise on The Week That Was, to wit: Lynn Swann ate his cheesesteak covered in hot peppers at Pat?s yesterday. That makes him more of a man than John Kerry, who ate his with Swiss cheese, right? That was a low point for Democrats. Kerry might as well have been wearing a Speedo. But Swann?s like O.J. Simpson: It’s not about race, it’s about class. He?s a very rich man and that’s why he?s a Republican. Health care coverage costs continue to soar […]

Video Kills The Radio Star: Trolleyvox Gets Its Protest Singer On

In which Trolleyvox, our fellow pegged pants-wearing Murmur-loving jangling veterans of foreign rock wars, put down the yellowing back issue of The Bob and go down to the demonstration to get their fair share of abuse. They didn’t start the fire, either. But dammit they ARE gonna put it out. See ’em tonight at the North Star Bar, along with B.C. Camplight and the Novenas. It’s their record release party for the just-dropped The Trolleyvox Present the Karaoke Meltdowns. Viddy by Woodshop Films. Enjoy, my droogees. And be not afraid. We SHALL overcome. Some day.

We Know It’s Only Rock N’ Roll But We Like It

Monkey Heaven: Charles Michael Kittridge Thompson IV, a.k.a. Black Francis, a.k.a. Frank Black, a.k.a. Frank Black Francis, World Cafe Live, October 19, 2006 Flickr: More Please Related: Death To The Pixies! Related: Airport Comfort Inn, The Bermuda Triangle of Band Gear Previously: Frank Black Ripped Off In Philly, at the motherfucking COMFORT INN?  

PBR: The Lonesome Horny Death Of PRISM

Big ups to the 700 Level (Even if they didn’t know Joe Morgan played for the Phillies. Hello? The Wheeze Kids?) for posting video of PRISM’s fond farewell. This poignant goodbye from baseball/college basketball analyst Larry Rosen (who I’m certain is still calling hoops somewhere) followed the rarest of occasions — a Phillies victory in 1997. Sadly, I think the channel faded to black about halfway through Larry’s spiel. Anyway, for you youngins and transplants out there, PRISM (Philadelphia Regional In-Home Sports and Movies) was a local cable channel catering to males from the late ’70s through 1997. They broadcasted […]

The Money Quote: “I said, ‘Yes. It would be great to try to make beautiful music with a building with no exterior.'”

Renowned architect Frank Gehry on his plans for disposing of the Rocky statue overseeing the Art Museum’s $500 million drive-thru window expansion. More from the Inky’s Inga Saffron: The Philadelphia Museum of Art has selected Frank O. Gehry, the architect famous for rambunctious and sculptural buildings such as the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao [pictured, right], to design a vast new underground gallery space, a project that will be virtually invisible from the street. As official word of Gehry’s appointment began to trickle out yesterday, Philadelphia’s architectural and cultural leaders hailed the museum for departing from the city’s habitual caution and choosing […]

Jackpot: Harrisburg Is Our Beeyotch!

On Monday we put out the call that Harrisburg should back off pending legislation that would give the state, not the city, oversight over the slot-parlors or there was gonna be trouble right here in River City. Big trouble. Lynn-Swann-elected-governor trouble. And yesterday, Harrisburg blinked. It’s like if we write it, it comes true! In all seriousness, this is a great victory for the people of Philadelphia. If only they knew it: Neighbors of Philadelphia’s five proposed slot-machine parlors scored an unexpected political victory yesterday when Pennsylvania Senate leaders dropped efforts to override the city’s zoning laws when it comes […]

GRUMPY OLD MEN: A Man Called Francis

Welcome to the second installment of our Grumpy Old Men series, wherein we learn from our elders and soak up their salty yarns like Bounty Quicker Picker-Upper. Yesterday we had Robert Christgau, today Francis Davis. Tomorrow? The Pope. What’s that you say? You never heard of Francis Davis. Oh buddy, it’s good thing you found us! Check out his CV: He has written about music, film, and other aspects of popular culture for The Atlantic since 1984 and was appointed lead jazz critic for the Voice in 2004. He was jazz critic for The Philadelphia Inquirer from 1982 to 1996, […]

War Pig Watch: Blackwater Is About As ‘Green’ As A Golden Shower

Excepting St. Paddy’s Day, when everyone pees green. Check this shit out: You may have heard of Blackwater USA. They’re the shadowy, Virginia-based soldier-for-hire company with roots in the U.S. military intelligence community. It has reaped untold millions in Pentagon and Homeland Security contracts since the advent of the Bush administration, from the fires of Fallujah to the floodwaters of New Orleans. Simply put, Blackwater USA is not the kind of company you’d expect to get behind the Green Party, with its far-left platform that ostensibly seeks to pull the United States out of Iraq and end the type of […]