The Money Quote: “I said, ‘Yes. It would be great to try to make beautiful music with a building with no exterior.'”

Renowned architect Frank Gehry on his plans for disposing of the Rocky statue overseeing the Art Museum’s $500 million drive-thru window expansion. More from the Inky’s Inga Saffron:


The Philadelphia Museum of Art has selected Frank O. Gehry, the architect famous for rambunctious and sculptural buildings such as the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao [pictured, right], to design a vast new underground gallery space, a project that will be virtually invisible from the street.

As official word of Gehry’s appointment began to trickle out yesterday, Philadelphia’s architectural and cultural leaders hailed the museum for departing from the city’s habitual caution and choosing one of the world’s boldest and best- known architects.

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