War Pig Watch: Blackwater Is About As ‘Green’ As A Golden Shower

Excepting St. Paddy’s Day, when everyone pees green. Check this shit out:blackwater-750842.jpg

You may have heard of Blackwater USA. They’re the shadowy, Virginia-based soldier-for-hire company with roots in the U.S. military intelligence community. It has reaped untold millions in Pentagon and Homeland Security contracts since the advent of the Bush administration, from the fires of Fallujah to the floodwaters of New Orleans.

Simply put, Blackwater USA is not the kind of company you’d expect to get behind the Green Party, with its far-left platform that ostensibly seeks to pull the United States out of Iraq and end the type of military actions that have proved to be such a good source of new business for the mercenary industry.

Yet, new Federal Election Commission filings reviewed by Attytood (thanks to blogger Bernie O’Hare for the initial tip) showed that that founder and owner of Blackwater USA, Erik Prince, and his wife donated $10,000 — the legal maximum — on July 21 to the once obscure Green Party of Luzerne County, the group that apparently spent well over $100,000 in a now all-but-failed bid to get its U.S. Senate candidate, Carl Romanelli, onto the November ballot.


What did the conservatives buy with their money? A lot of it — tens of thousands of dollars — went to JSM, the Republican-oriented ballot access firm with a highly controversial history, and another large chunk went for lawyers. According to the records, the funds also supported four Green Party candidates running for U.S. Congress — the 2nd District’s Dave Baker, the 14th District’s Titus North, the 15th District’s Greta Browne, and the 19th District’s Derf Maitland. In other words, the Republicans — desperate not to lose control of the U.S. House, and with Pennsylvania the key swing state — may be using the Green Party again to rob votes from the Democrats.

Classic right-wing anti-democratic buttfucketry. Tell us again, who hates freedom? Word to our man, Will Bunch. This is what we call journalism.

Attytood: Fuck. These. People.

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