CONTEST: Win Tix To See Brat Productions’ Carrie

After playwright Erik Jackson wrote an impassioned 6-page letter asking Stephen King to entrust him with one of his great bestsellers, the world-renowned novelist agreed to allow Jackson and Theatre Couture (creators of the off-Broadway hits Charlie! and Tell-Tale) to mine Carrie for humor, developing it into a dark comedy for 2006’s sold-out off-Broadway run at PS122 in New York, featuring the internationally-recognized drag queen Sherry Vine (aka Keith Levy) as Carrie White.

Carrie – which has also been a 1976 feature film directed by Brian De Palma, a 1988 Broadway musical, a 1999 feature film sequel, and a 2002 television movie – tells the story of young Carrie White who is painfully shy, unfortunately naïve, and telekinetic. Carrie’s fundamentalist Christian mother Margaret has been tormenting her for years, and things are even worse at school. When a terrified Carrie gets her first period in the school locker room’s shower, her classmates taunt her and pelt her with feminine products. Banned from the prom for the locker room harassment, the gorgeous but cruel Chris Hargensen hatches an awful plan to exact revenge by humiliating Carrie in front of the whole school at the senior prom. But, what Chris doesn’t know is that Carrie can move things with her mind, and she’ll soon find out that she picked the wrong girl to mess with.

BRAT Productions presents Carrie like never before in a black comedy by Erik Jackson, based on the legendary 1974 novel by Stephen King. Fresh from last Halloween’s critically acclaimed Haunted Poe (Best Production of a Play, Philadelphia Weekly), BRAT offers another distinctive theater experience with the gender-bending Philadelphia premiere of Jackson’s adaptation of King’s bestselling novel.

HOW TO WIN: We’re make this super-easy — first reader to email us at FEED@PHAWKER.COM with the words THERE WILL BE BLOOD in the subject line wins a pair of tickets for the night of their choosing between now end the end of the show’s run on November 7th. The performance schedule is HERE (scroll down a bit) . Please include a cell phone number for confirmation. Good luck and godspeed!

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