Corbett Tells Supporters To Suppress Philly Vote

INQUIRER: Seizing on an issue that could galvanize their base, some of the state’s top Democrats on Friday accused Republican gubernatorial nominee Tom Corbett of encouraging his followers to suppress voter turnout in Philadelphia. The Democrats pointed to remarks Corbett made Thursday to a Republican audience in Delaware County. Noting that Gov. Rendell was calling for a 50 percent turnout in Philadelphia, Corbett said, “We want to make sure they don’t get 50 percent. Keep that down.” The issue exploded after campaign aides to Corbett’s opponent, Dan Onorato, posted video of the remarks on YouTube. Rendell called the comments “almost a federal crime” and Mayor Nutter led seething Democrats at a City Hall news conference railing against them. MORE

CONGRESSIONAL QUARTERLY: “Tom Corbett is the state’s top law enforcement officer. It’s his job to protect the rights of voters, but instead he is encouraging voter suppression,” said Mark Nicastre, spokesman for the state Democratic Party. “Tom Corbett needs to come clean about his voter suppression plans and end any efforts to suppress the vote in Philadelphia.” MORE

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