FAIR IS FAIR: Pay The Obama Streaker

Streaker Bared It for Obama Juan J. Rodriguez Million dollarsAOL NEWS: The former homeless man who bared it all at a presidential rally to win $1 million says he needs the money for three children and a sister. He’s a fan of President Barack Obama and would even donate some of his winnings to the commander in chief’s favorite charity. Streaker Juan Rodriguez said he has no regrets, even though the fate of the prize is up in the air and the stunt in Philadelphia got him arrested. “My family needs the money, my sister needs an operation and it’s not cheap,” Rodriguez, 24, said Monday outside the Philadelphia courthouse after being released on bail, the New York Post reported, calling him an aspiring video game designer who used to be homeless. Rodriguez, who lives on New York City’s Staten Island, stripped down to his birthday suit at an Obama rally on Sunday. He was trying to win the jackpot from British billionaire Alki David, who offered it to anyone who could streak near Obama with the name of David’s website written on the chest. And the name of the site, Battlecam.com, had to be shouted six times. Rodriguez said there’s no doubt he qualified for the prize. “I started about 10 feet from [Obama] and removed my clothing and started backpedaling to where cameras were,” he said, according to the Post. “I made sure to be pretty loud and prominent.” David, an Internet mogul, said he was trying to verify that Rodriguez met the conditions to win — that he was in sight and earshot of Obama. “It looks good so far,” David, 42, told the Post. But David said it’s unclear if Obama noticed the man in the buff, the New York Daily News reported. Obama can be heard in footage noting various dignitaries, but he didn’t talk about a naked man, the paper said. MORE


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