SCUM DOG BILLIONAIRE: Web Site Welches On $1 Million Reward For The Obama Streaker

INQUIRER: The billionaire has thrown the streaker a bone. The Beverly Hills mogul, who promised $1 million to the first person to bare all in front of President Obama, will give the unemployed painter a payout. It’ll just be much smaller than expected. Alki David, the heir to a shipping fortune, is calling it a “generous consolation prize.” Others might call it “shrinkage.” David will give Juan Rodriguez enough cash to cover six-months rent on the naked runner’s Staten Island apartment, said an attorney to Rodriguez. David will also pay for some of the cost of medical treatment for Rodriguez’s […]

FAIR IS FAIR: Pay The Obama Streaker

AOL NEWS: The former homeless man who bared it all at a presidential rally to win $1 million says he needs the money for three children and a sister. He’s a fan of President Barack Obama and would even donate some of his winnings to the commander in chief’s favorite charity. Streaker Juan Rodriguez said he has no regrets, even though the fate of the prize is up in the air and the stunt in Philadelphia got him arrested. “My family needs the money, my sister needs an operation and it’s not cheap,” Rodriguez, 24, said Monday outside the Philadelphia […]