CINEMA: Dead Man Talking

PATRIOT NEWS: R.Budd Dwyer pulled a revolver from the manila envelope. “This will hurt someone,” he cautioned reporters packed into Room 129 of the state Finance Building. As they pleaded with Dwyer, he waved them back with his free hand. Pennsylvania’s treasurer — fractured by fraud, racketeering and bribery convictions — had called the news conference on this snowy Thursday morning to proclaim his innocence for the last time. Then, with television cameras rolling, he shoved the gun’s six-inch barrel into his mouth. Almost 24 years since Dwyer’s public suicide on Jan. 22, 1987, the day remains a polarizing event in Pennsylvania politics, especially in Harrisburg, where the treasurer’s death continues to beg the question: Was this man a martyr for justice or just a corrupt politician at the end of his rope? A new documentary, five years in the making, explores the answer through exclusive interviews with Dwyer’s family and those who worked for and with the treasurer until the end. MORE

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