VIET NOW: Baiting The Kill Zone


WASHINGTON POST: A Pentagon group has encouraged some U.S. military snipers in Iraq to target suspected insurgents by scattering pieces of “bait,” such as detonation cords, plastic explosives and ammunition, and then killing Iraqis who pick up the items, according to military court documents. The classified program was described in investigative documents related to recently filed murder charges against three snipers who are accused of planting evidence on Iraqis they killed.

“Baiting is putting an object out there that we know they will use, with the intention of destroying the enemy,” Capt. Matthew P. Didier, the leader of an elite sniper scout platoon attached to the 1st Battalion of the 501st Infantry Regiment, said in a sworn statement. “Basically, we would put an item out there and watch it. If someone found the item, picked it up and attempted to leave with the item, we would engage the individual as I saw this as a sign they would use the item against U.S. Forces.”

…”It’s our job out here to lay people down who are doing bad things,” Spec. Joshua L. Michaud testified in Iraq in July, discussing the unit’s numerous casualties. “I don’t want to call it revenge, but we needed to find a way so that we could get the bad guys the right way and still maintain the right military things to do.” MORE

RELATED: Nearly 4,000 Pennsylvania National Guard soldiers are being notified today that they can expect to be sent to Iraq in about a year. The soldiers are members of the 56th Stryker Brigade, which is headquartered in Northeast Philadelphia and is scattered among 39 armories across the state. The Defense Department has yet to make the alert public. The troops are being individually notified via a phone chain, state Guard officials said.

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