D.C. IMPROV: Ladies And Germs, Arlen Specter!

INQUIRER: Specter finished second last night in a contest to determine the funniest celebrity in the nation’s capital, a charity event to benefit VH1’s Save the Music Foundation and the Institute of Musical Traditions. Most of the other performers were members of the media, so Specter stood out not only for his age — at 77 he was the oldest contestant by a good quarter-century — but for being a good sport among his famously dour and introverted congressional colleagues. Specter, looking trim and relaxed, a consoling martini nearby, said his jokes ranged from “the questionable to the highly questionable to the highly, highly questionable.” He riffed on his Senate colleagues’ bedroom prowess, or lack thereof, their erudition, or lack thereof, and their humility. MORE

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