RADIO DAZE: WXPN To Hang The DJ? Also, Hear That Crunchin’? That’s The Sound Of Car Wheels On A Gravel Road At Appel Farms

All you Volvo-clad latte-sippers in yer North Face fleeces who hung in there through the homestretch of the 885 Artists Countdown may have heard an advert for an open on-air position at the station, which made us wonder — is someone leaving? Negatory, says ‘XPN program director Bruce Warren, which comes as no small relief to us because really, we can hardly get out of bed these days without Michaela Majoun hoggin’ all the covers. Sike! No, this is one of those rarest of creatures in these belt-tightening days: A brand spankin’ new position! So take note, all you would-be […]

Hot Document: Inky/DN Guild Negotiations Update

Monday, October 30, 2006 — We are pleased to announce that on Saturday, October 28th we┬áreached a tentative agreement on “non-economic” issues with our Paperhandlers union. We appreciate all the hard work on both sides of the table that allowed us to reach this agreement. Negotiations also took place over the weekend with the Newspaper Guild. While the Guild provided PN with a counter-proposal on Advertising issues, we remain far apart. PN has negotiations scheduled with our unions over the next two days, and we remain optimistic that we will reach agreements with all but the Guild close to the […]

GAYBO: My Big Gay Tummy, Why Jersey Is For Sister Lovers & The Return Of Judy Garland Park

TOMMY ZANE REPORTS: One of my dear friends always thinks he’s fat. He has, like, 2% body fat. Still, on and on with the food games, skipping lunch, just a salad, etc. He’s a transplant from Iowa, so what does he know about Philly eating? I, on the other hand, have adjusted quite well to the two great Philly pastimes: eating cheesesteaks and laying down, preferably at the same time. I’m not fat, mind you, and I get lots of sexercise to burn it off — I think that’s the key to being sensibly trim. But this bitch is fucking […]

Hotel Association Protests New Issue of Philly Mag, Says Murder City Cover Story Will Scare Off Guests, Also Didn’t Like Low-Blow Valania Quote In Sweeney Hagiography

PHILADELPHIA — A regional hotel association is urging its members to think twice before putting the latest edition of Philadelphia magazine in guest rooms, saying the cover story on the city’s homicide rate could scare away visitors.The Greater Philadelphia Hotel Association represents 85 members in the Delaware Valley, including the operators of nearly all of Center City’s 10,200 hotel rooms. Ed Grose, the group’s executive director, said the article could end up hurting business.“I recommend that you review your position on what effect this article and cover will have on your guests who are staying in your guest rooms,” Grose […]

Cover Wars: Whose Artfag Kung-Fu Is Stronger?

Alright, we’re finally catching up with the alt-weeklies’ breathless pace of publication and we’re actually doing this in almost ‘real time.’ Despite that bit of unpleasantness with the City Paper earlier this week, and our tenuous grasp on gainful employment with PW, we vow to remain objective. And this week, it’s a toss-up: Both papers have fairly killer covers, so hats off to all involved. PW rocks the Yankee Hotel vertigo shot for Steve Volk’s I-spent-a-night-there-last-week story on the creepy ol’ Parker. CP goes with a gorgeously retro cartoon recreation of that classic image of car show babia majora showing […]

Inquirer and Daily News Staffers Vote To Authorize Strike: ‘It would be mutual suicide.’

At approximately 6:45 p.m. Thursday, the rank and file of the Newspaper Guild of Greater Philadelphia voted almost unanimously to authorize an Inquirer/Daily News strike. Just to be clear, this does not mean a work stoppage has commenced, it merely means the Guild membership has given the negotiators what most inside 400 North Broad agree would be “the nuclear option.” The Guild’s contract expires October 31st. “I was just talking to one of the editors today and we both agreed that it would be mutual suicide,” says a Guild member who asked to remain anonymous. “Nobody on either side wants […]

Oh Snap: PW Music Editor Calls U-Outfitter Music Picker On Conflict Of Interest

Jeebus! We take off one week from hearing no evil and the bossman comes into our cubicle, unzips his fly and pisses in the bowl of Cheerios: Dryw Scully is music promotions director for Urban Outfitters. That means he’s in control of the Urban Out [sic] jukebox, picking the tracks you hear while shopping for skinny jeans at the company’s stores. Not a bad gig. Dryw Scully also manages Favourite Sons. They’re currently on the Urban Outfitters playlist. This — according to your tolerance for such things — is either a glaring and shameful conflict of interest or just kinda […]

Project S.M.E.R.C. or Wiping The Smirk Off Smerconish With The Dirty Rag Of Truth

Another regular feature here at Phawker will be truth squad-ing the wingnut memes and distortions of token DN red-stater/ Big Talker gasbag Michael Smerconish. Let us say up front that we have no reason to believe Smerconish is a bad person, per se. Nakedly ambitious, remarkably self-absorbed, a little clueless in the way all patricians are about what really happens beyond their manicured hedgerow? Sure. He’s also polite and well-spoken, especially when sending out invites to one of his this-will-get-me-on-O’Reilly-again verbal hammer parties where he smashes some easy-target liberal glass house with barely contained glee. Usually it’s some diluted-to-suit-local-taste variation […]

Comcastic: Fresh Prince To Become The Chocolate Pat Croce?

Actor/rapper Will Smith could be the latest entertainer to hold a stake in a professional basketball team. The Philadelphian is among a set of investors interested in purchasing the Philadelphia 76ers from Comcast-Spectacor, according to The Philadelphia Daily News. The group, which was assembled by basketball legend Julius “Dr. J” Erving, would like to have a meeting with officials from Comcast in the near future, a source told the newspaper. […] Recent speculation suggests that owners could ask for as much as $450 million for the Sixers, the Daily News reports, adding that the amount would represent the largest price […]