Cover Wars: Whose Artfag Kung-Fu Is Stronger?

Let us introduce you to another regular feature: Cover Wars, in which we will make an entirely subjective call on which alt-weekly has the best-looking cover each week. (FULL DISCLOSURE: Yes, we do tapdance about architecture for PW, but they will get no special treatment from us, paybacks bein’ a bitch, an’ all. Unless they give me a raise, in which case, they win every week). In this corner, we have PW’s Sara Green, a gifted newcomer — and in full-posession of a “great rack”, or so we hear, sorry but we did hear that, so get off your high […]

Pot Calls Kettle: Inky’s Satullo Responds To PW Story Calling Inky Casino Coverage Shoddy; Calls PW Story ‘Shoddy’

Because it’s infinitely more fun to stage these media cockfights instead of being in them, and because this issue is too damn important to be left to the pros, we thought we’d throw a little fuel on a dimming fire. To recap, two weeks ago, PW‘s Steve Volk debuted a new media-watchdog column called Tierney Watch, wherein he wrote a piece about the Inky’s coverage of the casino issue, with all the manifold complications, shortcomings and conflict-of-interest duly noted, and gave the anti-casino activists a chance to weigh in and then let various Inky bigwigs respond. You can read it […]

PBR: The Lonesome Death Of The Lonesome Organist

PBR is our regular sports column, wherein our man in the Jersey ‘Burbs calls Philly sports and sports-media as he sees ’em. His name is Patrick Berkery and he plays drums for the Pernice Brothers and, get this, he actually gives a shit about sports. Weird, huh? Born & raised on a steady diet of Birds, Phils, Flyers and boiled potatoes. Phillies season ticket holder since 1978. Longs for the days of Jim Barniak & Spectrum Wrestling on Prism. Thinks all sportwriters dress funny and should stay off TV. Except Phil Sheridan. His feelings on the Philadelphia Eagles are not […]

215 Fest Leftovers: Phawker Tawks With Get Your War On Creator David Rees

Makin’ Bacon With The War Pigs Somebody important once said that irony is the only rational response to an irrational world. Maybe we did. Who can tell in this crazy, mixed-up Internet world where nothing is true and everything is permitted. As you may recall, in the days after of 9/11 Vanity Fair poobah Graydon Carter famously declared the sudden “death of irony,” as if they kept it in the World Trade Center or something. Well, assuming for a moment that was even remotely true or possible, David Rees CPR’d that fucker back to life and gave it a job: […]

When The Shit Hits The Fans

(Illustration by Alex Fine) WHAT IT FEELS LIKE WHEN THE BAND YOU LOVE HATES YOU We all have bands we hate, really hate — you know, with the white-hot intensity of a thousand suns. You hate REM, I still hate Journey. There’s a lot of that going around. But how many people can say a band hates them? Tin-eared soundmen, people who jack the gear out of their van while they sleep, and the played jokesters who still yell “Freebird!” — and that’s about it. And when you narrow it down to people who are hated by their favorite bands, […]

If Six Were Five

(Illustration by Alex Fine) We Got Yer Sixth Borough Right Here! I still think we should’ve gone with “Philadelphia: You Comin’ or What?” instead of “City That Indicts You Back” or whatever it is. But if media-friendly catchphrases really are tourist catnip, we could do a lot worse than being called the sixth borough. Really, some of you protest too much, methinks. Would it really kill you to be so hip it hurts for 15 minutes? You don’t have to believe the hype, but at least enjoy it. Like I tell my celebrity friends: There will come a day when […]