Cover Wars: Whose Artfag Kung-Fu Is Stronger?

cityweekly-2006-10-17.jpgLet us introduce you to another regular feature: Cover Wars, in which we will make an entirely subjective call on which alt-weekly has the best-looking cover each week. (FULL DISCLOSURE: Yes, we do tapdance about architecture for PW, but they will get no special treatment from us, paybacks bein’ a bitch, an’ all. Unless they give me a raise, in which case, they win every week). In this corner, we have PW’s Sara Green, a gifted newcomer — and in full-posession of a “great rack”, or so we hear, sorry but we did hear that, so get off your high horse Gloria Steinem, that’s not sexism, that’s our idea of news-you-can-use — who has single-handedly lifted PW outta the cover story aesthetic deficit from which it had suffered for the latter part of Jeff Fox’s tenure as previous art director. In the other corner, we have City Paper‘s keen-eyed Reseca Glasser, more on her rack later as reports come in. Some weeks this is gonna be a toss-up, but this week it’s a no-brainer: PW rocks a horrible Tina Fey illustration that makes her look separated at birth from the Church Lady. Ewww. City Paper went with a great Micheal Regan sepia-toned shot of Adam Acuragi slurpin’ a slurpee in the subway, that totally captures Adam’s hushpuppy Sweet Baby James steez. Nice and nicely done.
This Week’s Winner: CP, by a head.