THIS JUST IN: Old City No Longer In Flames

UPDATE: Ordinarily, we don’t cover fires — better to let the shiny drones of the MSM earn their health insurance and bleached teeth doing wet-sock stand-ups in front of the charred, smoking husk somebody used to call home. Frankly, they are better at it, and besides that’s an all-day job all by itself. However, we have since decided that we WILL cover any fires that occur in our house or on our block. So we went down to ground zero and got the straight dope from Joe Picozzi, the Philadelphia Fire Department’s acting public information officer: A two-alarm fire broke out in the rear of The Papermill apartment building at 247 North 2nd street some time after 3:15 pm, and was brought under control by 4:22 pm. Four people were taken to the hospital, one for injuries sustained jumping from the second story to escape the flames. At least two dogs and one cat were also rescued. Also, Frank DiCicco was there. No other celebrities were spotted. [FLICKR]


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