SH*T MY UNCLE SAYS: Deadbeat-In-Chief



BY WILLIAM C. HENRY What does the American taxpayer have to look forward to regarding the untold mega million$ in back taxe$, interest charge$, penaltie$, and a $400,000,000+ personally guaranteed debt owed to corrupt banks and dictatorial foreign governments by the current president of the United States? Answer: he/she/me/you SMUSwill be paying ALL of it off if the notorious deadbeat, tax cheat, known thief and traitorous Putin ass-kisser, Donald J. Trump, is re-elected.

Why? Because Donnie is, for all intents and purposes, DEAD BROKE and has literally NO MEANS left to obtain the funds necessary to pay off these debts other than to surreptitiously steal them from the United States treasury or to provide the creditors certain American government concessions or allowances and/or turn a blind eye towards their illicit activities against our democracy.

Allow me to repeat that: there are NO OTHER options for Trump, period! No individual, financial institution or government anywhere in the world will lend Trump any more money! EVERYTHING he or the Trump organization owns (which is considerably less than meets the eye since much of what he or his organization claims to OWN is simply under a “lease” or “management” contract) is already mortgaged to the hilt. He can’t beg or borrow so much as a thin dime anywhere from anyone. His only resort is to steal the necessary cash or provide something in trade for debt forgiveness. He is a U.S treasury embezzler in waiting! He is a DEADBEAT walking!

P.S. Another frightful little tidbit you might want to keep in mind is that this Charlatan in Chief could not obtain even the nation’s LOWEST security clearance were he not the president of the United States!