OPEN LETTER: A Pennsyltucky Man’s Final Appeal To The Better Angels Of His Trump-Voting Family



lincoln sunglassesBY DAnon Just after the 2016 presidential election I wrote an open letter to family members expressing my disappointment in their selections. With that letter I asked each of you to express your perspective in a response to my letter. I waited for a while and received no response from any of you. So, I reached out. Here’s what I heard—from my sister, “Well, the other side,” from my father—“Yes, he’s going to make American great again,” and from my mother—“Well, I didn’t know about any of this stuff. I don’t pay attention to the news.” Now four years later, the 2020 presidential election is essentially a contest of hate versus hope. If you review my letter from 2016 you can see that my fears have become a reality. It already was then. It’s just gotten much worse and will only continue to worsen. A country run on hate, racism, divisiveness, greed, xenophobia, fascism, sexual predation, and misogyny is what we’ve become. Is this okay with you? Does this jive with Christian beliefs?


Another reminder—I’m not affiliated with any party. I’m an independent. I’ve heard “Well, the other side” or “Well, he’s from the other side.” We are all Americans. Typically, Democrats and Republican platforms are somewhat identical because we all pretty much want the same things for this country. But as it was four years ago, this is not a contest of Republican vs. Democrat. It’s hate versus hope. Just look at the 2020 party platforms. The Democratic platform is very hopeful and includes ways to move the country forward. There is no Republican party platform in 2020. None.

And let’s touch on the Republican party a bit. The Republican party we’ve known no longer exists. It’s now the Trump party. The list of real Republicans breaking from him (i.e. current US Senators Mitt Romney and Lisa Murkowski, Cindy McCain, George Bush, Jeb Bush, Jeff Flake, Colin Powell, John Bolton, Justin Amash, William McRaven, Carly Fiorina, John Kasich, Rick Snyder, Miles Taylor, Tom Ridge, John Kelly and Mad Dog Mattis) and voting Democrat is staggering. And he (Trump) is not a Republican at all. You’ve got to see that the party has been hijacked by a conman and his propaganda arm Fox News.

Now please try to release white privilege from your mindset. Let me remind my family once again that I am married to a recent immigrant. She was sworn in as an American citizen. She has every right and privilege that you and every other citizen in this country is blessed with. Also, our boys are not “white.” You may say, “Well, I don’t think of your family that way.” Well, that’s good. But others do and they’re being dog-whistled and prompted by a dangerous demagogue. My family is a target of this xenophobic, racist conman—yes, your grandchildren are now targets.

Who are these “others”? They are the base lunatics—proud racists, the KKK, neo-Nazis, and other white power groups like The Proud Boys. They show up at rallies waving their Confederate and white power flags. They instigate riots and create chaos at peaceful protests and marches. This is right out of Nazi Germany’s playbook. This can’t be okay with you. This doesn’t align with your Christian beliefs.

So, can my Trump/Nazi comparison be dismissed? I don’t think so. His campaign started off by demonizing the entire population of Mexicans, Muslims, and all immigrants. Then came a plan for mass deportations. Then came separating children from their families at the border. Hitler did the same. This is how he rose to power.

Hitler disposed of 11 million people during his reign. He murdered not only 6 million Jews, but also 5 million other people. Who were those other people? They were gypsies, homosexuals, visual artists, writers, musicians, clergy, professors, the elderly, the press, the handicapped, Jehovahs, blacks, political opponents, Slavics, and their very own soldiers when they returned home after being caught as prisoners of war (John McCain, anyone?). He and his base supporters seem to be targeting the same folks. I’m sure you don’t hate any of these people.

When I look back a few years ago and think of this rally moment, this should have been the end of Donald Trump’s run—mocking a handicapped reporter and literally “kicking” out a 10-year old boy in a wheelchair and his mother from a rally.


    Like four years ago, I’m not saying you are racist. But you did then decide that racism isn’t a deal-breaker when casting your vote. This was very confusing for me then, since you never taught your family to be racist or hateful. I’m grateful for that, as you should be proud of that.

Clearly you are a devout Christian. You were raised to be one. You raised your own children to be one. This is important to you—attending services every week, choir member and director, organist, council member, etc. That is a very admirable dedication to the faith.

So how then does support of Trump reconcile with your core guidelines of your faith. Perhaps I am missing something, but I don’t see any alignment at all between the Christian life and Trump.

Donald Trump is a conman. He is morally bankrupt. He is hateful. He has disdain for your beliefs. He is playing you as a mark. He has made himself a false idol. He’s done the same in business where he has bankrupted six different companies, including a casino. How can anyone bankrupt a casino? That’s nearly impossible to do. Still waiting for those tax returns, too. UPDATE: $750 paid per year. Ugh.

Donald Trump is the poster boy for misogyny and sexual predation. How many wives? How many girlfriends on the side? 26 cases and counting of sexual misconduct. How many paid-off porn stars? How many pussies did he grab?

And does he really have a sexual interest in his own daughter? Well, he’s stated it multiple times on live television and on live radio.

And what of our illegal immigrant first lady? Yes, she came to this country illegally. But I guess that’s okay when it pertains to his own interests (i.e. hiring illegals to work at his golf clubs and hotels). And then there’s Fox News’ poor Megyn Kelly. It’s all just too gross (including the nepotism of hiring family members to lucrative government positions).

Trump has destroyed our country’s standing in the world and with its allies. We are now ridiculed around the globe. He treats our greatest allies as enemies—Germany, France, England, Canada, Mexico, Ukraine, “shit hole countries,” NATO, etc. His fawning over and bromance with the world’s most notorious authoritarian rulers should alarm you. Remember when Russia, the Taliban and North Korea were all our most ruthless enemies in the world’ What happened? He has respect and admiration for murdering thugs but refers to our own veterans and military as “suckers” and “losers.”


US intelligence agencies (both the CIA and the FBI) concluded that Russia had indeed interfered in the 2016 presidential election (and both are reporting they are again doing this). Their investigations revealed that Russia was attempting to help get Trump elected. Trump’s and Fox News’ response? “This is a witch hunt led by Democrat-loving Robert Mueller.” Robert Mueller is a registered Republican that was appointed as Special Counsel by Jeff Sessions, Trump’s own Attorney General. His investigations led to the discovery of people in Trump’s campaign working with Russia for election help. The result of those investigations and those involved:

  • Paul Manafort, Campaign Manager—indicted, guilty, imprisoned (hoping to be pardoned)
  • Rick Gates, Campaign Advisor – indicted, guilty, imprisoned, time served
  • Michael Flynn, National Security Advisor—indicted, guilty, currently attempting to be pardoned (of course)
  • Jeff Sessions, Attorney General – fired by Trump because he rightfully recused himself from the investigations
  • George Papadopolous, Campaign Advisor—indicted, imprisoned, time served
  • Roger Stone (Trump’s old Nixon-loving weirdo buddy)—indicted, guilty, pardoned by Trump (of course)
  • Michael Cohen – Trump’s long-time personal lawyer—indicted, guilty, imprisoned, time served
  • James Comey—FBI Director—fired by Trump for telling the truth


So, witch hunt? Thirty-four Trump campaign personnel and Russian nationals charged and 113 total charges of crimes. This was not a witch hunt. Period. To this very day, Trump still denies Russian interference as both the FBI and the CIA say otherwise in both the 2016 and 2020 elections. But he knows better than them and the generals, right?

You’d be right to assume at this point that Trump should’ve settled down and behaved. But you’d be wrong. Not long after all these charges were announced, it was discovered by a whistleblower in the administration that Trump was again seeking election help from a foreign power—Ukraine. In his infamous quid-pro-quo call to the leader of Ukraine, Trump is heard asking for dirt on Joe Biden to help himself win re-election.  This is a CRIME! We all know the rest—the US House of Representatives, on two counts (obstruction of Congress and abuse of power), voted to impeach the man-baby. Yes, he was found guilty of both charges and IMPEACHED! So, why is he still in office? Complicit Republican Senators voted against removal. But not all Republican Senators voted in his favor (i.e. Murkowski and Romney). Two Russian pals (hmmm) of new personal Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani were both arrested, indicted and are serving time. Gordon Sondlund was fired by Trump as ambassador to Ukraine because he told truth under oath. John Bolton and Rick Perry both resigned purely out of disgust.

Trump’s biggest proclaimed hoax is about the current pandemic of COVID-19. He was first made aware of this threat to the country as early as January of this year. What did he do about it? Blame China (China Virus?). Blame health officials and the CDC. Blame Dr. Fauci. I say Fauci for President!

I believe the President is supposed to set examples for all of us. What example is he setting here? “Don’t wear a mask!” “No masks at my rallies!” This man is insane. There are now over 210,000 dead American citizens due primarily to his inaction, mismanagement, denials, and hoax claims. The US is now in the worst shape from this “hoax” than any other country in the world. We rank first in infections and deaths. What more is there to say? Make America Great Again? We’re Number One?!? Drink bleach and inject Lysol, America!


We heard all through the last election cycle from Trump and all his devotees that there would be three big promises kept—1) build the wall, 2) lock her up, and 3) ban Muslims. There were rallying cries, chants, and much excitement created by these promises. Four years later, let’s check in on these:

Build the Wall – nope. Didn’t happen. Won’t happen. It’s unnecessary and a big waste of money. He then shut down the government much like a kid who gets mad and takes his ball and goes home. Oh, and don’t forget Mexico (and all of their “rapists”) was going to pay for the wall. Hilarious.

Lock Her Up – nope. Didn’t happen. Won’t happen. It was a nonsense idea and he always knew it. Also, never forget Hillary Clinton won 3 million more votes than him. Yikes! Oh, wait, that was due to voter fraud, right? He set up a committee to investigate this. The findings? No voter fraud.

Ban Muslims – nope. Didn’t happen. He tried. The courts said “Illegal. Next.” Won’t happen.

A baseball term comes to mind—three strikes and you’re out! Everyone with a half a brain could see that these promises were either simply dogwhistle rally cries or flat out illegal.


There is no denying that Trump has always been a racist. He doesn’t even try to hide it. I’m sure it stemmed from his father, who was a member of the KKK. He seems to hate everyone but white men who agree with him. No other person is tolerated—blacks, Hispanics, women, Jews, Muslims, immigrants, prisoners of war, veterans, and anybody that disagrees with him. He might kinda like you if you kiss his ass, however.

His first high-profile act of racism came in 1989. He took out $85,000 worth of full page ads in New York newspapers calling for the death penalty for five young black men charged and convicted of a rape in Central Park. Years later DNA evidence proved they were all innocent and the real rapist admitted guilt. However, Trump, to this day, has never apologized to these men. Has he ever apologized for anything? Ever?

Well before Trump ran for President he was a vicious critic of President Obama. His most hateful and conspiratorial attack was promoting birtherism. The orange fat man just wouldn’t shut up about “Obama was not born in this country” despite a Hawaiian birth certificate showing otherwise. Why not let it go? Because he just hates the fact that a black man became President.

Four years ago while campaigning, many Trump rallies featured people being punched, kicked, and tossed out. Trump egged them all on, “I’d like to punch him in the face” and “You should all knock the hell out of them” were typical cries. He even offered to pay their legal bills if they get charged.

In October 2019, Trump suggested soldiers shoot migrants illegally crossing into the US. Further, he suggested, “We should build water-filled trenches stocked with alligators and snakes.” What a clown.

In May this year, Trump called peaceful BLM protesters “thugs” and threatened them with “when the looting starts, the shooting starts.” Fascist.

In June this year, Trump ordered the dispersal of peaceful protesters and ordered officers to attack them with grenades, tear gas and pepper balls. Why? So he could walk across the street and hold a bible in front of a church for a photo op. Hard-ass military man Mad Dog Mattis condemned Trump—“We know that we are better than the abuse of executive authority that we witnessed in Lafayette Square.”

In late September of this year during a live television debate, Trump was asked by Fox News moderator Chris Wallace, “Are you willing, tonight, to condemn white supremacists and militia groups and to say they need to stand down?” The president shrugged his left shoulder. Wallace pressed the question. “Well, then, do it, sir.” “What do you want to call them?” Trump gestured at Wallace. “Give me a name, give me a name.” “White supremacists”, Wallace answered. Still no condemnation from Trump to this day. But he did ask his neo-Nazi supporters to “stand by.” What the hell does that mean?

America has seen this before. It happened when Trump said there were “some very fine people on both sides” of the white-supremacist march in Charlottesville, Virginia. It happened when he pretended not to know who David Duke is, and that the former Ku Klux Klan grand wizard had endorsed his presidential bid. In moments of direct confrontation, Trump refuses to state clearly that he condemns white supremacy. White nationalists notice, and remember. This is pure fascism.

Attacking the news media is another Hitler-style line of attack. “Fake news,” “the liberal news,” “the media isn’t fair to me,” and “they’re the enemy of the people.” Yikes! Let me remind you that I work in news media at the Las Vegas Sun. So, according to dear leader, I am an enemy of the people. Yes, your son is now a target.


So, the election is very near. It isn’t about party vs. party. It’s about decency and hope versus hate and intolerance. The choice is clear. “Yes, but the other side” is an invalid argument. “I didn’t know” or “I don’t follow this stuff” is a thing of the past. Four years of hate is not something one can ignore. It was there decades before he ran. He doesn’t try to hide it. He runs on it. He’s a conman playing the marks.


  • Originally from Scranton, Pennsylvania
  • Six-term Senator from Delaware
  • Vice-President of the USA for eight years
  • Steady, seasoned hand with 50+ years of public service
  • Practicing Catholic
  • Released all tax returns
  • Pays all taxes


  • Expand voting rights
  • Achieve affordable and quality health care for all
  • Promote unity
  • Fight for the environment and against climate change
  • Encourage police and criminal justice reform
  • Trust the military and intelligence community
  • Trust scientists in battling a pandemic
  • Serve the people
  • Restore the country’s world standing
  • Build a fairer economy
  • Make higher education affordable


  • Abandon foreign allies (Kurds, all of Europe, NATO, etc.)
  • Abandon the country’s own states (west coast wildfires)
  • Abandon the country’s own territories (Puerto Rico–3,000 dead due to earthquakes and hurricanes)
  • Call on white supremacy groups for support
  • Separate families at the border
  • Buddy up with dictators and thugs
  • Denigrate our military veterans
  • Create and promote conspiracy theories
  • Clear protestors with tear gas for a photo op
  • Fire government officials purely out of spite
  • Reach out to foreign governments for election help
  • Instruct the public to drink bleach and inject Lysol to treat COVID
  • Tell the public to not wear a mask during the pandemic
  • Serve himself


  • Bankrupted six different companies
  • Paid off multiple porn stars with hush money
  • Been impeached
  • Abused power
  • Mocked people with disabilities
  • Run the country’s unemployment rate to over 13%
  • Run up the country’s national debt in excess of $26 trillion
  • Promoted voter fraud conspiracies
  • Pardoned his cronies

I am an independent voter. I’m not a member of any political party. I’m choosing character, hope, tolerance, and decency. I’m voting to protect vulnerable citizens. I’m voting to protect my own family. How about you? May God bless us all.