EARLY WORD: Let All The Children Boogie


Collingswood NJ, also known as Punk Rock Retirement Community to some, is the home of some pretty spectacular things. Oh sure, they have great restaurants and an awesome public pool and a massive May-Day celebration, but did you know that they also have a little Glam Rock scene going on there. Turns out all those retired punk rockers aren’t so retired after all. These x-philly-scenesters-turned PTA moms and dads have all kinda found each other again with the help of a couple of guys who wanted to do some good for the community and at the same time rock-out and have some fun.

Joseph Bonaparte who heads the Collingswood Bike Share asked his buddy Kevin Monko, leader of the band Monko, to help him raise money for his non-profit, which suppies the neighborhood with affordable, green transportation. The two put their heads toghether and, out of their mutual love for Glam Rock decide to revive Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust album from start to finish with the help of the Collingwood music scene. The band they’ve assembled is pretty amazing, about 24 musicians in all. There is a core group of musicians including Kevin Monk- guitar and vocal, John Falco form Charming Snakes on guitar and vocals, Ned Sonstein whom you may remember from Zonic Shockum on drums and voice, Scarlet Rowe from Ricky Byrd and the Skeleton Crew on Bass, Joe Fasile on guitar and Ray Long on Piano, trombone and vocals. Fronting the band is a slew of local talent, each singing one or two songs from the Ziggy record and/or other classic Glam Rock covers. Singers include Pete Donnelly who has toured with Graham Parker and NRBQ, Chris DiPinto from Creem Circus and owner of DiPinto Guitars, and Shannon McGill from She Hates Me just to name a few.

The musicians and singers go all out with glitter costumes, platform shoes, and stage antics that electrify the stage, each trying to out-do the last. The show is always a blast and it’s impossible to go away without a feeling of exhilaration!

Opening the show will be local retro glam rockers Creem Circus. Creem Circus is an original act that revives the look and sound of early 70’s British Glam Rock with original tunes. A perfect fit for to top off a great night of Rock and Glitter. Don’t miss it!!


…oh, and did I mention there will be free beer and food!!!


Candy Volcano

Creem Circus

Saturday Nov.16 7pm

at the Scottish Rites Auditorium

315 White Horse Pike Collingwood NJ

Tickets $25-$30



The Band:


The Event


The openning act