YEAH YEAH YEAHS: New Album Teaser


RELATED: In the real world, there’s a widely held notion that it takes 10 years to develop expertise within a line of work, that you have to put in an arduous decade before you’ve truly ironed out the kinks of your craft. In the spontaneous realm of rock’n’roll, though, that hardworking rule can be a bit perverted, with many bands hitting a spark within 10 months, never to ignite again. In 2000, Yeah Yeah Yeahs formed in New York City and their searing early material helped get the new millennium off to a clamorous start– but those panicked yelps and tinny blues/punk riffs didn’t exactly scream longevity. Over the next decade, they slowly expanded their sound– incorporating electro, folk, and pop– while largely maintaining the excitement that got everyone interested in the first place. And after their last studio album, 2009’s polished It’s Blitz!they rolled past their 10th birthday as veterans in a career field that’s not exactly filled with them. So: then what? MORE