Tim Minchin – Pope Song from Fraser Davidson on Vimeo.

WARNING: NSFW, hilariously excessive use of the F-word

Offended? Please direct your righteous indignation on behalf of ‘the children.’ And by ‘the children’ we of course mean the ‘the children’ raped by priests and covered up by Joe Ratzinger. Never forgive. Never forget.

RELATED: Ratzinger’s 2001 letter De delictis gravioribus clarified the confidentiality of internal church investigations, as defined in the 1962 document Crimen Sollicitationis, into accusations made against priests of certain crimes, including sexual abuse. This became a target of controversy during the sex abuse scandal.[30] As a Cardinal, Raztinger had been for twenty years the man in charge of enforcing the document.[31] While bishops hold the secrecy pertained only internally, and did not preclude investigation by civil law enforcement, the letter was often seen as promoting a coverup.[32] Later, as Pope, he was accused in a lawsuit of conspiring to cover up the molestation of three boys in Texas, but sought and obtained diplomatic immunity from prosecution.[33] MORE