DEENEY: Psychotic Subway Attacks Are The Chickens Of A Broken Mental Health System Coming Home To Roost

The grainy video begins with a unkempt man in a bulky winter coat, bumming a light for his smoke off a young woman sitting on a subway platform bench. The subway is a low-traffic spur line stopping at Philadelphia’s Chinatown, so it’s not unusual that at 3:30 in the afternoon on a Tuesday there’s nobody else waiting for the train.The man draws on the cigarette and blows a plume of smoke. It looks like maybe some small talk transpires but there’s no audio with the image. The man feints towards the subway tracks like he’s looking down the platform to see if a train is coming, then ditches the cigarette and turns, with determination, back towards the woman. With a lunge, his hands are locked on her throat. He slams her against the wall and starts landing blows to her head. Then, almost unbelievably, he reaches down to grab her by the ankles and drags her across the platform before launching her into the air like a ragdoll onto the subway tracks below. MORE

EDITOR’S NOTE: Congrats to Mr. Deeney for breaking his Atlantic cherry! We always told him he wouldn’t be a virgin forever.