TONIGHT: Secret Cinema’s Exotic Music Films 2


On Wednesday, January 23, 2013, the Secret Cinema returns to The Trestle Inn, the popular “Whiskey and Go Go” nightspot in Philadelphia’s emerging “loft district.” On that night we’ll again revisit a favorite Secret Cinema program concept: EXOTICA MUSIC FILMS. This new collection of ultra-rare footage from a variety of sources — including lost TV shows, theatrical shorts, industrial and educational films, and film jukeboxes of the 1940s — offers a chance to hear, and see, a wondrous assortment of international music (both authentic and gloriously fake), from a carefree, boozy time, before David Byrne rendered “World Music” a politically-correct bore. This new program will contain 100% different programming from the EXOTICA MUSIC FILMS show we did at the Trestle Inn in November, little of which is likely to have been seen before by anyone attending (unless, of course, they attended our last screening of this material in the 1990s)! As noted in the title, it will contain music and MORE, meaning some films explore exotic locales and culture (both indigenous and artificial). All of the films will be projected from 16mm film prints on a giant movie screen (not video). There will be one complete show, starting at 8:00 pm. Admission is $7.00. A few highlights of EXOTICA MUSIC FILMS 2: MUSIC AND MORE! include: MORE