LAST LAUGH: The Onion Pulls Up Stakes In Philly

BUZZ FLASH: Bad news for parody-lovers: the print edition of The Onion has ceased distribution in Washington, D.C. and Philadelphia, the company confirmed to BuzzFeed. “The business model we had set up in these places didn’t wield the results we were looking for, which was sustainability,” said spokeswoman Anne Finn. The free weekly started its first D.C. run in April 2007, and Finn said distribution in Philadelphia began in May 2011.The news comes at a rocky time for the company. The Atlantic Wire reported Thursday that all but a handful of the paper’s comedy writers are quitting rather than enduring relocation to Chicago in July, the latest chapter in an ongoing consolidation effort intended to lower costs. The paper’s corporate headquarters is located in the Second City. As for the suddenly Onion-less readers in Philly and D.C., Finn said they’re not writing the cities off permanently. “We still believe the two cities are great markets for The Onion and The A.V. Club and welcome the opportunity to begin new partnerships and resume circulation,” she said. MORE

EDITOR’S NOTE: Onion AV Club’s distribution and ad-sharing partner in Philly is Philadelphia Media Holdings, which owns the Daily News, Inquirer and We will let the reader make his or her own conclusions about what’s being said between the lines.

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