PLEASE DON’T FEED THE BEARS: Nutter Is Lying About New Homeless Feeding Rules Not Being About Tourism, But Who Could Really Blame Him?

INQUIRER: Despite a raucous disruption by Occupy Philadelphia protesters, the city Board of Health approved amended regulations Thursday for groups that feed the homeless outdoors. Groups will be required to obtain a permit from the city and to have at least one member receive free food-safety training from the Health Department. Health Commissioner Donald F. Schwarz said he expected the new rules to be enforced around May 1. The regulations come as the city proceeds with a ban in city parks on feeding the homeless and others who want free meals. Critics say the city wants to move the homeless away from the Benjamin Franklin Parkway, where one of the largest daily feedings is held and where the new $200 million Barnes Foundation building is scheduled to open in May. Mayor Nutter says his motivation is to have safe and clean places indoors where people in need can eat and have access to other services. MORE

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