Google Is Bigger Than All Newspapers Combined

DAVID CARR: Reflections of a Newsosaur did the math in a post on Thursday and concluded that advertising sales at United States newspapers, some $24 billion last year, were less than half of what they were in 2005. It went on to point out: The combined ad sales for all the newspapers in the United States last year were equal to only two-thirds of the sales of a single digital competitor, Google, whose annual revenues were $37.9 billion. MORE<

REFLECTIONS OF A NEWSOSAUR: Though publishers say they are focused on building digital revenues to offset the steady decline that has eroded print advertising since 2005, their digital sales are dwarfed by the competition. In the third quarter alone, online advertising sales advanced 22% to $7.9 billion, according to the Internet Advertising Bureau, an industry trade organization. Full-year Internet statistics have not been published by the IAB for 2011, but this much is known: The $26 billion in sales achieved by the online industry in 2010 surpassed total newspaper advertising revenue 12 months ago. MORE

BUSINESS WEEK: U.S. newspapers lost $10 in print advertising revenue last year for every $1 they gained online, a deeper loss than in 2010, as competition from Internet companies increases, a study by Pew Research Center found. Newspaper revenues declined more sharply last year than in 2010 when publishers lost $7 in print advertising for every $1 generated from online outlets, according to Pew’s study entitled “State of the News Media,” which is published today. “A growing number of executives predict that in five years many newspapers will offer a print home-delivered newspaper only on Sunday,” Pew’s report said. MORE

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