The Dirty Beaches play First Unitarian May 3rd with Xiu Xiu!


https://i0.wp.com/farm8.staticflickr.com/7157/6521901403_47e5931158_m.jpg?w=790THE DIRTY BEACHES


The debut full-length by Taiwanese-born Canadian lo-fi minimalist/one man band Alex Zhang Hungtai, slightly better known by his stage name Dirty Beaches, sounds like a speakers-blown transistor radio tuned to The Geator stuffed into the back pocket of some poor fucker whacked-and-hacked by Joe Pesci, tossed overboard and currently resting in pieces at the bottom of the sea. No wait, it sounds like prom night 1958 on angel dust right before the flying saucers land and worlds collide. Scratch that. It sounds like there’s a David Lynch movie in my pants and everyone’s invited. No, no, no. WTF does that even mean? Here you go: It sounds like Chris Isaak has fallen down a well — all fractured waxen pompadour and contused pretty boy Presley cheekbones and up to his neck in the mossy wet — singing Sun Studio b-sides while waiting for little Timmy and his dog Lassie to bring back help. Run, boy! – JONATHAN VALANIA

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