EARLY WORD: #OccupyJamesO’Keefe

Fake ACORN-baiting pimp/fake Congressional office telephone repairman/fake human being and convicted criminal James O’Keefe will be debating partisanship and journalism with Chase Whiteside tonight, as part of the Banjos At Dawn debate series, from 6-8 PM at Temple Gallery, Tyler School of Art, 2001 North 13th Street, Philadelphia. Even though we’re pretty sure it will be as productive as discussing race relations with the Klan, we can hardly wait. Previous instances of O’Keefe’s toxic, cartoonish, and deeply dishonest right-wing-douchebaggery-masquerading-as-legit-journalism documented on Phawker after the jump…

NPR FOR THE TONE DEAF: National Public Radio CEO Steps Down In The Wake Of O’Keefe Sting Video


Fake Pimp Of ACORN Sting Fame Attempted To Make Hidden Camera Sex Tape With CNN Reporter


GUILTY: Fake Pimp From ACORN Scam Gets Slap On The Dick For Tampering With Senator’s Phones




BREAKING: ‘Pimp’ From ACORN Sting Videos Arrested By FBI For Wiretapping Senator’s Phone


TOUGH NUT TO CRACK: Harshbarger Report Clears ACORN Of Illegality In ‘Pimp & Hooker’ Gotcha Videos


WHAT HE SAID: Cracking The Nutcracker


MEDIA: The Nutcracker Strikes Back!

MEDIA MATTERS: Philly ACORN Office Called The Cops On Gotcha Duo Posing As Pimp And Hooker

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