Werth Sells For $127 Million On The Open Market


BILL CONLIN: Jaws dropped so far open they had to sound like a 21-gun salute when the late-afternoon press conference was called announcing the last-place bleeping Washington Nationals had signed the former Phillies rightfielder to a free-agent contract for 7 years and $126 million. One-hundred-twenty-six-million for 7 years.  That’s an average of $18 million a year guaranteed through the year 2018, when Werth will turn 39. He will be 32 May 20.  But Mike Rizzo, apparently a gerontologist in his spare time, said with confidence that Werth’s “best years are ahead of him.” I immediately thought of Steve Carlton’s personal trainer and guru, Gus Hoefling, predicting Lefty would pitch until he was in his 50s. MORE

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