NUTTER SPUTTER: Dawg Pile On The Rabbit

[Photo by TOM BUSILLO]

MONICA YANT KINNEY: First, there was the boneheaded decision to take the Christmas out of that quaint Christmas Village surrounding City Hall. […] Three years into Nutter’s “new day, new way,” grinches lurk around every corner. In this month’s Philadelphia Magazine, archenemy John Street calls Nutter an “arrogant, incompetent, and offensive” coward. Bashing his successor for that lame 311 system and refusing to stand up to city unions, Street goes in for the kill: “On the things that matter, Mayor Nutter has crippled the city.” Consider this payback. Whenever candidate Nutter talked about cleaning up government, he meant that Street was dirty. But Street’s the ghost of Christmas past. For a current and future apparition, look no further than City Councilman Bill Green, who may jump into the 2011 mayoral primary for sport or spite. Green’s name makes Nutter nervous. So the mayor had his pollsters ring up loyal Democrats to ask whom they’d support in that hypothetical battle royale. One former fan who got the call told the Daily News that he just couldn’t stomach another nod for Nutter: “He put himself out as a reformer, and he is not that effective at all.” MORE

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