D’OH!: PHA Spent $17,000 On Diversity Training Party


MY FOX PHILLY: Belly dancers, rented costumes and even yodelers were incorporated into a diversity training exercise in 2006, which was paid for with $17,150.21 of taxpayer money. The belly dancers came at cost of $1,200, costume rentals ran up $540, while food and training materials for 200 employees of the PHA accounted for the rest of the cost of the March 21, 2006 diversity event. The person at the helm for the PHA event was its then-executive director, Carl Greene, who has since been fired. MORE

INQUIRER: The evening’s finale began when four exotically clad belly dancers pulled members of the audience into their show. PHA’s then-executive director, Carl R. Greene, was surrounded by the women, one leaning against him, another with an arm around him. MORE

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