NPR FOR THE DEAF: We Hear It Even When You Can’t


HOVA: Jay-Z at the TLA, November 12th 2007. [Photo by JONATHAN VALANIA]

Jay-Z will be on Fresh Air today discussing his just-published memoir Decoded.

RELATED: His first book, “Decoded,” is not your typical celebrity memoir. In it, Jay-Z (real name: Sean Carter, aliases: many) paints the portrait of his life by delving into his lyrics, unwrapping his metaphors and opening up his ideology. He reveals who he was before he sold 50 million albums, scored 10 Grammys and established himself as a fixture in Forbes (current net worth: $450 million) as well as music history. He also ruminates on politics, race, and what it means to be successful in America. Ambitious man, ambitious book, ambitious marketing campaign: Jay-Z teamed up with the search engine Bing to create a scavenger hunt that “hid” all 305 pages of “Decoded,” which goes on sale today, in 200 locations pivotal in his life. The grand prize for a fan who “decodes” all the pages online: a lifetime pass that grants them free access to every single Jay-Z show on earth for the rest of their lives, and lets them bring a friend along for the ride. (Go to to enter.) MORE

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