The Gas Mask, The Sex Toys & The Naked Dead Man

DAILY NEWS: The evacuation of a Chester County hotel earlier this month was caused when staffers entered a room, found an Indiana man’s naked, lifeless body next to various sexual devices and a gas mask, and smelled the stinging odor of unknown liquids, police and sources said. The liquids turned out to be cleaning solutions that the man had been huffing as part of a solo sexual act, a source said yesterday. State Police responded to the Fairfield Inn and Suites, on Baltimore Pike near McFarlan Road, in Kennett Square, on Nov. 4, after hotel employees found the 48-year-old man, whom police did not identify, dead in his room. A chemical odor and unknown, potentially hazardous liquid substances found in the room prompted a partial evacuation of the hotel. As a result, the Chester County hazardous-materials team was called to the scene, which was deemed safe, police said. The substances were various inhalants, including VHS tape cleaner and other cleaning solutions. Police believe the substances were being inhaled by the man to create a euphoric sensation. A source said that the sexual devices and the gas mask indicated that the man’s behavior may have been “ritualistic.” MORE

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