NOT WORTH REPEATING: Discredited Right Wing Ideologue Paints Obama As Terrorist-Liker In The Inky O’ JOEL: If you thought that new ownership might mean that Brian Tierney was no longer able to hand out op-ed contracts to right-wing cronies, well, don’t celebrate yet. Today’s Inky editorial page features Dinesh D’Souza — the guy behind the “Obama is a Kenyan anti-colonialist” idea that Newt Gingrich spouts. D’Souza is pretty well discredited even on the right; no reason for the Inky not to publish him! And hey, why not speculate that the president of the United States is happy to see terrorists at work! MORE

DINESH D’SOUZA: If Obama shares his father’s anticolonial ideology, this would explain a lot about his eagerness to withdraw U.S. troops from Iraq and Afghanistan. It would also explain his sympathies for the Lockerbie bomber, not because Obama favors the killing of Americans, but because he views Abdelbaset Al-Megrahi as a resister in a noble cause. Since America is the rogue elephant with a mammoth nuclear arsenal, we can understand why Obama seems more eager to reduce America’s nuclear stockpile than to prevent Iran from obtaining its first nuclear bomb. MORE

FROM COMMENTS: Why the Inquirer feels the need to run Dinesh D’Souza’s thoroughly and utterly discredited nonsense about President Obama being anti-colonialist baffles me. The best excuse that the Washington Post was able to come up with was that “It’s out there,” meaning that it’s been published, people are talking about it, so it has “buzz” and so it’s worthy of further attention. Problem: There’s simply no evidence that D’Souza’s thesis is even somewhat, partially true. There’s no indication that D’Souza even has a sort of a point. Why do other papers, including the Inquirer, feel the need to go chasing after a completely discredited story? MORE

RELATED: Obama’s father was an anti-colonialist. So were George Washington, Jefferson, Franklin. Ghandi was anti-colonialist. MORE

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