TONITE: Dumpster Diving


It’s that time of the month again, folks, when the Dumpsta Players, that intrepid troupe of dragsters-gone-wild, lift up their skirts and give us a little cud to chew on. (hot!). Our story opens with 2010’s Prom-trash queen and insatiable tramp Mrs.Miller out on her usual twittering binge. It doesn’t take long before she stumbles upon a Tea Party with Commie-Hater Don and Horely Tates, and not at the sweaty man-pit she was expecting. Crestfallen, Mrs. Miller hops into her Hot Tub Time Machine and sets the way back widget to 1776, where the real party must be—or so she thinks. Instead, Paul Revere and Betsy Ross expose fallacies of American history with some secret intel and place it in the cum-stained hands of Mrs.Miller. Can the pill-popping trollop d’jour return to the present and change it for good? And where do Sarah Palin and Michelle Obama fit into all of this? Clash of the Titans, anyone? We’ll find out tonight, at the Dumpsta Players, “Mrs. Miller’s COFFEE, ME OR TEA PARTY!” — AARON STELLA

Tonight at Bob and Barbara’s, 1509 South Street. Doors open at 10pm. Show starts at 11pm-sharp! Cover’s $1.99 (Recession proof baby).

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