GOT APPS: ‘My Work Is Done Here’



NEW YORK TIMES: Even before the dust has settled after this weekend’s iPad bonanza, Apple is ready to announce a new iPhone operating system. Technology journalists received an e-mail message from Apple on Monday morning inviting them to “a sneak peek of the next generation of iPhone OS software.” The event is set for Thursday at Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino, Calif. MORE

WIRED: Before all the iPad buzz has even had a chance to fizzle, Apple this morning sent e-mails inviting press to a sneak preview of the next-generation iPhone operating system. The event is scheduled for Thursday, 10 a.m. PT at Apple headquarters. Apple has not officially disclosed any details about its next iPhone OS, but a few rumors suggest it will introduce enhanced multitasking. The current iPhone OS (3.0) only allows a few core apps, such as iPod and Mail, to run in the background while another app is active. MORE

PREVIOUSLY: Lines stretched for a few blocks in the morning hours at Apple stores in New York and San Francisco. Blue-shirted Apple employees passed out free snacks in the chilly early air. At 9 a.m., they greeted each buyer entering stores with an applause and fanfare normally reserved for athletes winning medals or championships. “It’s beyond technology. It’s a culture. It’s a community,” said Rey Gutierrez, a die-hard loyalist with a tattoo of the Apple logo on his left hand, who had waited outside the San Francisco Apple store since 4 a.m. “No other company can drop a device and generate this much energy. Every big brand is envious of what Apple can do.” Many of the people waiting for the iPad had a vague sense that they were involved in yet another big Apple moment, although they could not precisely say how they would use the tablet computer, which shares features of both laptops and mobile phones. “I have no idea what he’ll do with it,” said Jessica Panzica, 30, waiting in line at the Apple store in downtown San Francisco for her husband, who could not pick up his iPad because he had a ham-radio class. “I’m sure he’ll use it a lot, whatever it is. He told me I’m not allowed to open it.” MORE

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