TECH: Wanna Report City Government Fraud And Waste? Now There’s An App For That!

PHILADELPHIA BUSINESS JOURNAL: Philadelphians who spot fraud or waste will now be able to report it directly to the city controller’s fraud unit, using a new free smart phone app unveiled Tuesday. Called “Philly WatchDog” the app is available for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and can be downloaded from the App store or through iTunes, said City Controller Alan Butkovitz, who called it the first app of its kind in the nation. MORE NEWSWORKS: Brian Dries of the Controller’s office gave examples of abuse people could capture with the app. “You might have a city worker that a […]

TECH: Google Android Beats Apple iPhone

FAST COMPANY: Android fans will be celebrating the news that Google‘s smartphone OS has passed Apple‘s iPhone in total US market share. But the reality is that the sales dominance of Android was inevitable. In the first quarter of 2010, Apple secured a 21% market share, Android surged to 28%, and RIM’s BlackBerry held strong at 36%. I don’t mean to ignore BlackBerry here, but they’ve been dominating sales for so long, and with so little change in their fundamental business, that they’re barely worth discussing from a sales perspective. It’d be like writing a post about how U2’s latest […]

GOT APPS: ‘My Work Is Done Here’

[via BUZZFEED] NEW YORK TIMES: Even before the dust has settled after this weekend’s iPad bonanza, Apple is ready to announce a new iPhone operating system. Technology journalists received an e-mail message from Apple on Monday morning inviting them to “a sneak peek of the next generation of iPhone OS software.” The event is set for Thursday at Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino, Calif. MORE WIRED: Before all the iPad buzz has even had a chance to fizzle, Apple this morning sent e-mails inviting press to a sneak preview of the next-generation iPhone operating system. The event is scheduled for Thursday, […]