Ex-Khyber-Boss-Turned-International-Man-Of-Danger Pleads Guilty To Scoping Out Mumbai Attack Sites


CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR: David Coleman Headley [pictured, right], a US citizen, could have been sentenced to death by lethal injection for his alleged involvement in the India attacks that left more than 164 dead, including six Americans. But with his guilty plea, prosecutors have agreed not to seek the death penalty or to extradite him to India, Pakistan, or Denmark. The agreement, announced in federal court in Chicago, is contingent on Mr. Headley’s full david_coleman_headley_300.thumbnail.jpgcooperation with US intelligence officials and prosecutors. Under sentencing guidelines he could receive a prison term of up to life in prison. But his prison time could be reduced based on the value of his cooperation. Headley was among four men named in a 12-count indictment returned by a Chicago grand jury in January for involvement in two plots: the 2008 Mumbai attack, and a separate plot to murder an editor and an illustrator at a Danish newspaper. The Danish paper, Morgenavisen Jyllands-Posten, printed a cartoon depiction of the Prophet Mohammed in September 2005 that many Muslims found highly offensive. That plot was never carried out. Headley’s plea agreement reveals new details about the alleged plot. It says a Pakistan-based militant leader with ties to Al-Qaeda suggested that Europe-based operatives could provide manpower for a suicide attack on the newspaper offices. The leader said once inside the building the attackers should behead newspaper employees and throw their severed heads out the building “to heighten the response from Danish authorities.” According to information in the 33-page indictment, Headley agreed to provide surveillance for the Pakistan-based militant group Lashkar-e-Tayyiba (Army of the Good). The group has long battled India over claims to the disputed territories of Jammu and Kashmir. MORE

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