KHYBER PAST: Indian Prime Minister Discussed David Headley Revelations With Obama At G-20

[Illustrations by ALEX FINE] SIFY NEWS: Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has told US President Barack Obama that Pakistan should to act on information provided by Lashkar-e-Taiba operative David Coleman Headley in order to stop anti-India terrorist activities. Raising the issue during his meeting on Sunday with Obama on the sidelines of the G-20 Summit, the prime minister [pictured, below left] said Pakistan should show its commitment to stopping anti-Indian terrorist activities to promote dialogue between the two neighbours. “They spoke about the ongoing interrogations about the activities of David Coleman Headley and said that both India and the US […]


[Illustration by ALEX FINE] BY JONATHAN VALANIA FOR THE PHILADELPHIA WEEKLY On the afternoon of Nov. 26, 2008, death came ashore at the Indian coastal city of Mumbai in the form of 10 Pakistani assassins aboard a rubber dinghy. Young and cocky, the killers were dressed in bluejeans and cargo pants, pumped up on steroids and ripped from months of rigorous physical training. They brandished AK-47s and carried backpacks loaded with grenades and ammo. When fisherman asked them what was going on, the gunmen told them in fluent Marathi to, in effect, go fuck themselves. The fishermen reported the incident […]

Ex-Khyber-Boss-Turned-International-Man-Of-Danger Pleads Guilty To Scoping Out Mumbai Attack Sites

CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR: David Coleman Headley [pictured, right], a US citizen, could have been sentenced to death by lethal injection for his alleged involvement in the India attacks that left more than 164 dead, including six Americans. But with his guilty plea, prosecutors have agreed not to seek the death penalty or to extradite him to India, Pakistan, or Denmark. The agreement, announced in federal court in Chicago, is contingent on Mr. Headley’s full cooperation with US intelligence officials and prosecutors. Under sentencing guidelines he could receive a prison term of up to life in prison. But his prison time […]