CHANGE: New Sheriff Charges Rogue Cop


INQUIRER: The off-duty police officer who shot and killed an unarmed in November has 24 hours to turn himself in after being charged with this morning murder, said District Attorney Seth Williams. Frank Tepper, 43, allegedly opened fire on William “Billy” Panas, Jr., 21, during a late night melee in the Port Richmond neighborhood where they both lived. Police initially said Tepper was trying to break up the fight and fired his gun after he was assaulted. Witnesses disputed that, saying Tepper appeared drunk and Panas never threatened him. Tepper, a 16-year veteran of the force, was stripped of his badge last month after an investigation found Tepper committed “numerous violations” of Police Department procedures on the night of the shooting. In December, then D.A. Lynne M. Abraham announced a grand-jury probe into the case. Since Williams assumed office there have not been any new witnesses presented to the Grand Jury. MORE

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