CINEMA: A Bold, Fresh Piece Of Shit-Talking

dudewtfcroppedthumbnail.thumbnail.jpgBY GREG ADOMAITIS If there is such a thing as a Fox News fanboys they showed up at the box office this weekend in full force for Bill O’Reilly and Glenn Beck. Their “Bold and Fresh” tour brought this unholy trinity of truth-y infotainment under one roof for five live dates and was streamed as a nationwide cinecast. The tour’s name is taken from O’Reilly’s latest book “A Bold Fresh Piece of Humanity” and brings the two anchors together for two hours of moonbat-bashing and wingnut meme-spinning in the no spin zone. Their friendship began when Beck left CNN early last year and their compatibility makes the show a match made in redmeat heaven. The movie itself was nothing you haven’t heard before, assuming you’ve been paying attention.. Beck made plastic surgery jokes about Nancy Pelosi, curiously stumped for Sarah Palin and hyped up his “8/28” rally in Washington this August. Not to be outdone, O’Reilly suggested bombing the ACLU headquarters with a military drone aircraft and dissed the Rev. Jeremiah Wright for living in white, gated community. The crowd at United Artist 17 along Columbus Boulevard got to see the show from Norfolk, Virginia. (President Obama had requested the same auditorium for that night but was informed that the duo had already booked it and sold out 16,000 seats between two show times.) As for the crowd, the audience on screen in Virginia mirrored the white, middle aged and middle class people who were at the Riverview. There was less beer and flannel here but the ideology carried over. During the intermission I was standing outside of the theater to stretch when an African American family passed by and into a different theater when a white, middle aged, middle class woman remarked to me “Yeah, I knew they weren’t coming in here.” You can’t make this stuff up, people.  The tickets were more than double what seeing Avatar would have cost and the theater was near-capacity, but not quite sold out. Doug Thatcher, from Mount Laurel, New Jersey and a self-described “conservative, Republican second”, came to hear a “common sense point of view about what’s best for the country.” He likened Fox News to the Lone Ranger in mainstream media and felt that he had “caught CNN in too many lies.” And it wasn’t just old. cranky people, either. “People my age are out partying and drinking tonight but I’m here to enjoy this political satire,” John Bickel, 22 from Landsdale and also a conservative Republican, said. Bickel has been a Beck fan since last year when he started with Fox and was in the back row with four friends on a Saturday night ready to talk politics. America ain’t doomed just yet.

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