SAD: Rip Torn For Arrested For Breaking Into A Bank With A Loaded Revolver While Loaded

rip-torn.JPGENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Actor Rip Torn, 79, was arrested Friday night on charges of burglary and criminal trespassing after officials allegedly found him carrying a loaded revolver inside a bank in Salisbury, Conn., according to the Register Citizen newspaper. A police report published on states that Torn used “forced entry” to get inside the bank and was “highly intoxicated” when taken into custody. The actor is being held on a $100,000 cash bond and is set to appear in court on Feb. 1. A rep for Torn did not immediately respond to requests for comment. MORE

NEW HAVEN REGISTER: Torn, a Salisbury resident, is an award-winning actor in film and theater and for the last 50 years has starred in popular films such as “Dodgeball,” where he throws wrenches at geeks in tights, and “Men in Black” with Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith. Most recently Torn played the role of Josh Hartnett’s father in the film “August” and in “Happy Tears” with Parker Posey and Demi Moore, and as a lead in the recently released film, “The Golden Boys” as Captain Jeremiah Burgess. MORE

A VERY young Rip Torn in “Number 22” episode of Alfred Hitchcock presents. It is second season, 1956. Has to be one of his first roles.

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