BREAKING: New Jersey Governor-Elect Subpoenaed By Jailed White Supremacist/FBI Informant


NJ.COM: A subpoena has been issued for Gov.-elect Chris Christie to appear next month at the federal trial of North Bergen Internet radio host and blogger Hal Turner [pictured, right]. Michael Orozco, Turner’s lawyer, said in an affadavit supporting the subpoena, that Christie, as the U.S. Attorney, knew that Turner was working with the FBI, Christie gave legal advice to the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force regarding Turner, and issued a “Blanket Letter of Declination,” refusing to prosecute Turner. In late June Turner was charged with threatening federal judges in Chicago, stemming from an editorial on his Web site that stated three federal judges there “deserved to be killed” for a ruling they made in a lawsuit. Turner’s trial is scheduled to begin Dec. 1 in New York. Turner, through his lawyers, has maintained that he was trained by the FBI and worked with them from 2002 to 2008 to flush out radicals before they attacked in an effort to prevent domestic terrorism. The operation was halted when computer hackers broke into Turner’s radio show Web site server and gained access to email exchanges between Turner and the FBI, Orozco said. MORE

chrischristie.jpgNEW HAVEN REGISTER: Turner’s main attorney, Michael Orozco of New Jersey, said after the brief court session that FBI documentation he has received details Turner’s alleged relationship as an informant for the FBI from 2003 through 2008. Orozco said that, for now, he can only share the FBI documents with Connecticut prosecutors. He said they include pay sheets showing the FBI budgeted $100,000 or more a year for Turner as part of its Joint Terrorism Task Force, as well as correspondence between then-U.S. Attorney for New Jersey Christopher Christie [pictured, left] and the FBI detailing parameters of the project, dubbed “Vahalla.” Christie was elected governor of New Jersey this month; he takes office Jan. 19. MORE

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WIKIPEDIA: Turner’s website and radio program is largely devoted to a digest of news concerning crimes committed by minorities, which Turner describes using racist epithets. He supports strict limits on immigration; advocates the hunting and killing of illegal immigrants [10]; promotes anti-Semitism (including rounding up and killing Jews); and opposes the existence of the State of Israel. [11] He also writes and promotes Holocaust denial[12] Turner advocates political assassination and overthrowing the government, because, he says, the current United States government is corrupt beyond repair. His website serves as a virtual meeting place for fellow white supremacists, via its comment pages.

hitlerhammeredbyduck.gifLOCAL CONNECTION: Turner not only called open season on African Americans and Hispanics two years ago as MLK day approached, he issued the equivalent of fatwahs on national politicians and judges. One of those judges sits on the New Jersey Supreme court and lives in Haddonfield. Cops had to go to Judge Roberto A. Rivera-Soto’s house 200 times, according to the Star Ledger, after Turner threatened him.

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