GLITTER AND DOOM: Phawker Photographer’s Work Included In The New Tom Waits Live Album


Yesterday, TOM WAITS released Glitter and Doom Live, a collection of outstanding live tracks from his 2008 sold out US and European tour. The two CD set contains 17 live recordings from ten nights along the tour including, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Tulsa, Knoxville, Atlanta, Paris, Milan, Jacksonville, Dublin and Columbus. The second CD entitled Tom Tales holds nearly 40 minutes of Waits quixotic ruminations on topics ranging from romantic spiders to injured vultures. The CD will also come with a booklet of live photos. One of those photos was snapped by Phawker contributing photographer Michael T. Regan, who we sent, along with writer Jon Micals, to cover the Columbus Ohio stop of the tour — aka the closest the tour got to Philadelphia. We could not be more proud or horny! You can see all of Michael’s photos HERE.



ALSO: On October 12, went live. You are invited to wander and roam through the first ever official website for all things Waits: news, updates on recordings, new releases, tours, films and more. A resource for lyrics, photos, wit and wisdom, strange but true tales, and more imponderables on topics as far ranging as the origin of consciousness, the sexuality of Christ and the lonely journey of the male seahorse.

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