GAYDAR: Dumpster Diving


“What are doing tonight?”

“We’ll, I’m going to see “Octoberfist” down at Bob and Barbara’s. Wanna Come?”

“Whoa! What? Bob and Barbara’s does porno viewings now? When did this start?”

“No silly Billy: It’s the Dumpster Players—you know, that wacky trash-glitz drag troupe that shoves their prickly stick of parody up society’s bunghole every month?”

“Oh yeah! Those dudes!”

“Yeah, well, it’s their sixth “Octoberfist” celebration, complete with vivacious drag queens, heinous costumery and flamboyantly flaming back-up dancers flailing in lip-sync to Pan-European techno-balladry, from countries like Norway, Moldovia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, France, Germany and Greece. Also, The Little Italian immigrant girl returns, and even Farrah Faucett will thrill with a cheesy ’80s duet! This is gonna be the Eurovision Song Contest that’s gonna blow bitchy lil’ American Idol out of the water!”

“Wicked! When’s it start?”

“Tonight at 11pm at Bob and Barbara’s, $1.99 cover, and drink specials go all night! So we can get smashed beforehand and do it all over again at the show! Bodacious!”

“Totally tubular! See ya there!” –AARON STELLA

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