GAYDAR EXTRA: Chickenhawk Of The Sea

spongebob_squarepants_p35_1.jpgMischief, mayhem, madness, oh my! But it all happens underwater this time. Tonight the Dumpsta Players, those rancorous ruffians of all things retro, are showcasing Prom-Trash: Under the Sea at Bob and Barbara’s tonight. Both ladies and gents are invited to participate. Trashing Disney is encouraged. You’ll be in good company (Ho White, Sleepy Booty, and even an imminently outed Sponge-Bob). And as the name implies, whoever’s the trashiest takes home the crown. Best of all kiddies, entrance to the Prom-Trash: Under the Sea is granted but for a shrimpy $1.99. So why not bask in the glory of the briny deep? Go to Prom-Trash. See you there! — AARON STELLA

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