GAYDAR EXTRA: The Horror! The Horror!


“Last House on the Right” is the Dumpsta Players’ Halloween homage to the horrors of the Bush dynasty, currently dying on the West Lawn of the White House like a stinky old fish nobody bothers to throw back in the water. FYI, The Dumpsta Players are a wild trash-glitz drag troupe who flaunt not only their facility for choreographed pandemonium, but their talent for serious, on-edge skits fraught with social commentary and good old fashioned grab-your-pitchfork American outrage. This time out, the cast of misbegotten characters includes: Cuntaleeza Rice, Siouxsie Sioux, Rev. Allawaysus Wright, Dr. Mendrakis, and, my personal favorite, Alaskan “Barracuda” Hockey Mom.  As always, the Dumpsta Players will bitchslap the ugly, festering truth on a silver platter, naked and wallowing in its own putrescence, and they ask that you eat it raw with your bare hands. Yum yum! The show starts at 11 p.m. at Fluid,  the Dumptas temporary home until Bob and Barbara’s re-opens. — AARON STELLA


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