HERD IN THE HALL: A Confederacy Of Dunces


DAN RUBIN: For two weeks, Fumocrats Jim Kenney and Frank DiCicco have found their public — and some private — moments captured on videotape by Ed Kirlin, a consultant for Local 98 of the electricians union. Kirlin, you might remember, is the guy the city Ethics Board has accused of being behind flyers that questioned then-mayoral candidate Michael Nutter’s motivations for leaving the Catholic Church. After the Sept. 18 session, when DiCicco walked over to Committee of Seventy head Zack Stalberg and youth advocate Shelly Yanoff, DiCicco warned them they were being watched by a Local 98 operative. Kirlin said, “Actually I’m a private citizen who’s doing a documentary on crooked politicians with bad toupees.” DiCicco said he had no idea what Kirlin was up to. Or what he was talking about. “I’m not a corrupt politician,” he told me, “and this is my own hair.” MORE

CHRIS BRENNAN: In the latest chapter, [Latrice] Bryant attacked Fox 29 in an apology to Goode while saying that her behavior had been “inappropriate and inexcusable.” That refers to signs she held up in Council that read “Fox 29 News are racist,” and equating a reporter with the Ku Klux Klan. Bryant noted that Fox 29 had been “stalking me” during Council’s three-month summer recess. “And this was a period in which I was not even contractually required to work,” Bryant wrote. Anne Kelly-King, Council’s chief accounting officer, said that that claim is not accurate. Full-time Council employees must work 37.5 hours each week, including the summer, unless they use vacation time or sick leave. Bryant again injected race into the issue when she complained that Fox 29 reported her salary. She said that she remained “just as steadfastly opposed to Fox 29’s implications that an educated 36-year-old African-American woman with nearly 15 years of city work experience should not earn a decent salary consistent with what white males (who do less work) commonly earn.” While Goode and Bryant have thrashed about, no one in city government has offered any serious criticism of their actions. MORE

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