MAILBAG: Mother Knows Best

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following is in response to Aaron Stella’s GAYDAR column last week.


Very colorful! Most of it quite true too! I must comment however that there were and, no doubt, still are many people there who attempt to live good Christian lives, as did your family. I particularly know of some children of members who are away at colleges around the country and are doing all they can to lead true Christian lives. They mommiedrstcropped_1.jpgdon’t have a clue about any ulterior motives, hidden agendas, or misguidance in the community and might be shocked and hurt by what you have written. That community began with genuine Christian motives. But, gradually, as they distanced themselves from Church guidance and began to disdain the Church (as weak and misguided) and to look to themselves for wisdom, things started to go sour. That community, as many others (some of which have been disbanded by Bishops and Archbishops), was a magnet for codependents. Unfortunately, it still manages to “fly below the radar” of most church officials, and, so operates unhindered even today. I, too, could go on forever, but I have a life to live. So, I’ll just remind you of something about The Alleluia Community you neglected to mention: the only graceful way to leave The Alleluia Community is death. Anyone who leaves in any other way, prepare yourself for shunning. And anyone who publicly says anything negative about the community will become the subject of the most awful rumors. Keep writing, honey! But keep a tough skin!



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