LISTEN LIKE THIEVES: My Bloody Valentine


DOWNLOAD: My Bloody Valentine (2008) Live @ ICA London 13/06/2008

SOME GUY ON THE INTERNET: They just reformed after 16 years out. I went to see them on Sunday, on the 3rd of a 5 night residency at a really great venue in London. My ears are still ringing – man, that was by far and away the loudest gig i ever saw in 20 years of gig-going – tons of people were walking out holding their ears looking utterly bewildered……

SOME OTHER GUY ON THE INTERNET: Glad to hear they haven’t toned it down. I remember seeing them open for Dino Jr in Boston in the early ’90s and it remains the loudest fucking show I’ve ever seen. At the end of their set they turned on a huge-ass bank of brutally bright halogen lamps blinding the dilated crowd and did the old prop-the-guitar-on-the-amp and walked off stage. There were some seriously pissed off Bostonians that night — many a raised middle finger and wails of “fuck yoooooooou.” Me? I found it blissfully cathartic. Just closed my eyes, opened up and let it all wash over me.

YET ANOTHER GUY ON THE INTERNET: I’ve got my ticket for Sept. I’m hoping that I’ll finally witness a gig that’s too loud. I read that at one of the Roundhouse gigs the db meter at the sound desk read 130. Now that’s sweet.

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