NO PARKING: Aggravation Just Got More Expensive

towawayzone_image.jpgASSOCIATED PRESS: The Philadelphia Parking Authority says rising fuel costs are forcing it to increase the fee for towing your car away if it’s confiscated by police. Each day, about 100 vehicles are towed in Philadelphia under the city’s “Live Stop” program. That program targets drivers who don’t have proper registration, or who have invalid, suspended, or revoked driver’s licenses. Corinne O’Connor, the Parking Authority’s director of on-street operations, says a Live Stop job can take hours. She says tow trucks get stuck in traffic, just like everybody else, and the Parking Authority has to cover its costs. The Live Stop tow fee is being increased $15 to $150 for most vehicles. The fee for trucks over 17,000 pounds is going up to $335. The last increase was a $10 fuel charge in April 2006. MORE

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