BREAKING: Cops Catch Cop Killer


NBC 10 is reporting that police have captured Eric Floyd, wanted in connection with the murder of Sgt. Stephen Liczbinski…He was captured in southwest Philadelphia, reportedly cops used Sgt. Liczbinski’s handcuffs to secure Floyd… DEVELOPING…

floydsurv.jpgUPDATE: Police received a tip Wednesday night that Floyd was possibly in an abandoned property on Windsor Avenue near 54th Street. Police found the fugitive by himself at the property, unarmed. They later handcuffed him with Liczbinski’s handcuffs — a department tradition — and took him to police headquarters, according to a police source.

Floyd’s arrest ends a massive police manhunt, aided by the FBI and other federal agents, that lasted for more than four days and sent cops not only across the city but as far as north Jersey — where officers chased down an apparently erroneous tip that Floyd had been spotted on a train. A reward for apprehending Floyd had grown to $150,000; his mug shot was displayed on seven Clear Channel digital billboards across the city.

The robber believed to be the triggerman, Howard Cain, was killed by police while their alleged accomplice, local heavyweight boxer Levon Warner, was arrested on Sunday. Floyd was taken to the Homicide Unit at Police Headquarters early today, where he was to be formally arrested. At 12:16 a.m. this morning, a swarm of helicopters hovered over the roundhouse and moments later a stream of police cars with their lights on streamed into the roundhouse parking lot. A wagon from the 24th District backed into a loading dock forcopkillersurv.jpg prisoners and Nutter, wearing a suit, strode in to meet the van with a stern look on his face. Officers hugged one another as the door to the loading dock closed. [via DAILY NEWS]

RELATED: For the first time, police have shown surveillance video of the weekend bank robbery they say led to the death of Philadelphia police Sgt. Stephen Liczbinski. Police showed the footage to reporters Wednesday night, explaining step-by-step how they believe three suspects, one of whom is still at large, carried out the heist. Liczbinski, a 12-year veteran and married father of three, was killed Saturday while pursuing three bank robbery suspects. Police said one alleged accomplice, Levon Warner, was arrested and the other, Howard Cain, was killed by police Saturday.

“Chilling” was the word that was repeated several times as police showed the video Wednesday. The Bank of America branch robbery inside the Shop Rite at 3745 Aramingo Ave. took about 12 minutes and began with a 2002 Jeep Liberty circling the parking lot at least once before stopping in the fire lane outside with its four-way flashers on. Police allege the SUV was stolen during a carjacking the prior night. The vehicle pulled forward and reversed a few times. After five minutes, the three suspects — wearing long, dark-colored garments police described as Muslim clothing — exited the vehicle. “We believe that the driver of this vehicle is Eric Floyd,” floydsurv2.jpgBlackburn said. A short time later, the footage from the doorway shows “the person who we believe is Floyd come closer to the area of the robbery here. You see him kind of scanning, making sure.” Then, the video shows the suspects walking out the door. A few seconds later, some shocked customers follow, pointing toward the robbers. But Blackburn said of the suspects, “You can see how nonchalantly they’re getting into their car here and just leaving.” He added, “You can see that the SKS is in the backseat of that vehicle again.” Minutes later, Lizbinski spotted their vehicle in a Port Richmond neighborhood. MORE


RELATED: The leadership of the Germantown Masjid has refused to conduct funeral services for Howard Cain, the bank robber who killed Sgt. Stephen Liczbinski with a Chinese-made semi-automatic rifle. “No, we will notmuslimburial.jpg bury him at Germantown Masjid,” said Tariq El Shabazz, managing director of the mosque. “We don’t want one slight scintilla hinting that we condone his behavior.” On Sunday evening, a friend of Cain’s family asked if Cain’s burial could take place at the mosque on Germantown Avenue near Logan Street, El Shabazz said. El Shabazz declined to conduct the service after researching Islamic law and meeting with Saadiq Abdul Jabbar, chief executive of the mosque; Imam Talib Abdullah, and others. “We don’t tolerate that kind of behavior,” El Shabazz said. “Their actions are not from Islam. You don’t dress like a woman, you don’t rob people or transgress against them or commit murder. On all three grounds, they are dead wrong. MORE

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